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Mothers of Nature is a world after humans have extracted and mostly abandoned the planet, where women have taken on the job of rebuilding and creating their space within nature. This world re-crafted by women takes on a unique landscape with these female figures being the protagonist of this painted narrative. Building and interacting with nature, these women are empowered by the environment and each other.
The environments I’ve painted are often barren with unconventional colors used in the figures as well as the nature they are in, as to represent the altered state of the post-human planet. In this body of work, I aim to stimulate dialogues about our relationship with our environment and the possibility of a time after we’ve gone too far. I’ve used the paint to create smooth textures in the bodies and sometimes uncomfortable positions for the figures in order to produce a tension between the state of the setting and the figures themselves.
I’ve used primarily large canvases for this series and created images of the female body that are close to or larger than life-size in order to suggest their godly position, but as a part of nature rather than imposing on it. With my paintings, I consider the status of our environment and the danger of our current climate trajectory. While we are in a dangerous time, in this series I have taken a more positive view of a somewhat post-apocalyptic setting through the power and unity women have with each other and the natural world.

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