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In my art, I create unique worlds and atmospheres with the female figure as my subject. I reference narratives of human influence and mental spaces using movement and the surroundings of the figures. Looking for inspiration in everything, texture, and color is critical to my process and the evolution of my work.  

My work is based on the relationship between how women and the natural environment are treated in society. Living in a time of growing social awareness, overt sexism can be spotted and addressed while, deeply inherited and embedded misogyny is more dangerous, as it is passed off as culturally acceptable. Connecting these two subjects of feminism and nature, I weave together influences from my knowledge and studies of human-caused environmental degradation with internalized misogyny.

  Leaving elements of my pieces unrefined, I seek otherworldly settings that represent how I mentally build and deconstruct environments. Creating an atmospheric feeling of nature rather than representational images I believe achieves my goal of creating a mental space of. I approach nature with more of a feeling and the atmospheric space it creates rather than a representational image. My work questions and explores my own experience growing up in a rapidly globalizing society. I like to make work that is visually interesting and appealing for the viewer but also have the capacity to allow people to begin to question their experience or relationship with the ideas I put forward.

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